19 July 2009

3.2 - text


“The nomad movement does not follow a direct logic with a beginning, middle or an end. Everything, here, is the middle. The nomad does not go somewhere, particularly in a straight line, he evolves in a setting and often returns on the same tracks; enlightening them maybe, if he is an intellectual nomad, of new ideas.”

Kenneth White

Upstairs 63 is an invitation to a journey.

The book of sketches: 52 pages A5 in black and white.

The pages are the first contact with a place, which is at the same time real and a space in power, which is becoming. An attempt to collect an experience made, the tracing of a path already begun, born in the desire to sustain the idea which has already been sketched out.

Each participant is permitted to print the pages desired with which to interpret in their own language (drawing, writing…). The material will be the impulsive starting point which will open the dialogue, a new step.

Upstairs 63 is an invitation to a journey starting from an imaginary place.

5th floor – Edisonstr, 63: 40 rooms spread out over 400 m2

The participants will be invited to come to the site eventually and work in the rooms during the 20 days. It is a question of breathing life to the proposed project on the pages, while exploring through the imagination a space becomes real. Everyone must provide their own materials.

The workspace is not a functional one, it has more the characteristics of a construction site. More inviting as a physical investment, it has been chosen for its extent, its malleability. It is not confined and limited as a set of rooms; it is permeable, open to circulation.

The only floor of a building left abandoned during the middle of its restoration, and since never been used, has remained suspended in a state full of potential. Under the windows runs the Spree. Left in such a condition as this, the fifth floor leaves room to daydream.

Each participant is called upon to find their own coordinates, which are appropriate to their, with which to follow a route, a course, opened to the possibility of meeting, crossing or engaging in dialogue during the exploration with other participants. The goal will not be a presentation of work, this exploration is made far from conditions and expectations.

By bringing their topographical imagination to an existing territory, from highlighting and making geographies exist, imagination and personal initiatives through an exchange; there is an attempt to reveal an inter-subjectivity.

Upstairs 63 is the territory which will create itself through the overlapping and the crossing of various approaches and routes implemented over the course of the 20 work days.

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