23 July 2009

Valeria to Upstairs63

Upstairs has started as reaction

- to a situation of stagnation/acceptance of conditions given

Suspension instead of stagnation – action and reaction instead of acceptance.

Movement and change against A:P:A:T:H:Y: The story is shortly told at the beginning of the Blog.

I wanted this year that people coming to share and participate to Upstairs63 would be conscient about this, that's why we wrote a text and asked to apply, and I feel in our firsts meeting that we all agree on this position, that implies for me a tension that has to be lived not to die out of it. I would like this position to find a space both real and metaphorical (we started upstairs with this relation between bi dimensional and three dimensional, the book/the real space and I feel this is getting clearer now) .

- In the work developing in the fifth floor, some installations and drawing are growing, as a long term dialogue accepting the exploration process we described in the text, and metaphorical, the blog as a metaphorical floor and the work itself in its meaning and intentions, because I think only artists are meant to bring this two dimensions together and know that only in the dialogue between this dimension there is a possibility of understanding. I feel our world is loosing matter and contact to matter and we should be aware of this and work on this relation, starting by getting back to the high technology of the human body.

More spacifically the projects I am developing inUpstairs63 relate to the idea of open space as space in between agression and protection and suspension as condition betwen life and death, Joanna would say emergency condition. These concepts are strictly related to the fifth floor situation.

See you there. Valeria

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